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Bath & Body Works Scent List : I

Ever wondered about a Bath & Body Works (B&BW) scent, past or present? We certainly have! We are building a resource list here of known B&BW scents with scent descriptions (when available) for easy reference. We are listing fragrances as known, but be aware that all scents have not necessarily been made into candle form. Here you will find scents that begin with the letter I. If the scent has been reviewed before on Candlefind, the link will follow the scent description.

We strive to provide highly detailed and accurate scent lists. The majority of these scent names and descriptions were obtained from Bath & Body Works – directly from the website, promotional materials, and/or product packaging. A few scent descriptions have been obtained through crowdsourcing. If you have a correction or addition, feel free to contact us. Individual submissions are added only after a verification process to maintain the integrity of our lists.

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