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Want to know about candles on Facebook? Facebook groups are a wonderful way to stay in touch with what’s going on in the wax world. There are a number of groups out there, some more active than others. Each has their own set of rules and a distinct ‘culture,’ so it’s best to feel them out to determine your best fit. Not all groups will be helpful or feel comfortable for everyone, and that’s ok…there are enough of them out there for everyone to find a home or two.

We will constantly update this list as new information emerges. All information below was accurate at the time of publication. While we continuously update our lists, be sure to verify the information yourselves as things on the internet do rapidly change.

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Company-Specific Facebook Groups

  • Candlefind For Candle Companies (Private): This Facebook group is for chandlers and companies only. The group page is for feedback and to alert candle companies of specific Candlefind related business.
  • Candlefind Insiders (Private): This is a small group of wax loving friends who share information about companies old and new. This is also a place to be the first to hear about Candlefind news! We choose a monthly winner for a small Random Act of Kindness each month.
  • Blended With Love (Private): The Facebook group for Blended With Love candle company. It is a fairly active group with lots of gorgeous, tempting pictures. Preorders and shop announcements are posted here regularly. The files section has a scent list and house blends list.
  • Dessa’s Homespun Scents (Private): The Facebook group for Dessa’s Homespun Scents. This is an active group and Dessa has frequent shop announcements posted. There are a lot of drool-worthy photos and helpful comments. The Files section has blending ideas and a coupon code for first time customers.

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General Wax Loving Groups

  • Addicted To Wax Melts (Private): This is a very active group, heavily slanted to UK users. The group is for wax lovers and makers. There are a lot of beautiful pictures that are posted and some helpful tips. Vendors will announce their sales and giveaways here (mostly UK).
  • Making Wax Melts (Private): This group is very active. The focus here is for those who love making wax melts or want to learn, whether as a hobby or for sale, however, there are many wax lovers in the group who don’t make melts. They do not allow selling, self-promotion, or advertising. This is not the place for destashes, sample requests, or referral links. They do not allow Facebook page or group links, Instagram links, or TikTok videos if trying to promote/sell. The best course of action in this group is to ask before posting if you are unclear. The files section is very well organized and has lists of suppliers broken down by country.

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