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Candle Scoop's mission is to provide consumers with up-to-date news, detailed research, and our own expert opinions so that they may purchase home fragrance products more confidently, efficiently, and economically.

A Message From Andrea

Andrea Haskins, Candle ScoopI originally founded Candle Scoop as a sister blog to Candlefind…the site for candle lovers. In its infancy, the site flourished with comparison reviews, personal stories, candle tips, and the ever popular Yankee Candle Scent List.

Life happens, and the site went dormant as I took a much needed break from the wax world. Luckily for me, I was able to acquire Candlefind in late 2019, which also included Candle Scoop. A decision had to be made about the blog, but I just wasn’t quite clear what the direction should be. Furthermore, during the transfer, most of the original Candle Scoop content was lost! If I wanted to revive the site, I would have to do so pretty much from scratch. My heart was broken. With the added responsibility of now running ‘the big site,’ I let Candle Scoop sit in maintenance mode for months.

While working hard on rebranding Candlefind, a light bulb went off. As a wax lover myself, I found myself with several site bookmarks, Facebook pages, and newsletter subscriptions just to keep up with the fast-paced world of wax. It was insane! I wanted an easy way to digest that information so that I could make more informed purchased decisions. Now, more than ever, I needed a way to streamline the information. The new purpose for Candle Scoop was now very clear.

The rebirth of Candle Scoop has been a long, tedious process, but also a labor of love. This site is a personal extension of me, my knowledge, and my values. Every single detail has been considered, both as a scent expert and as a consumer. I hope you find the site useful and enjoyable, much as I do.

Welcome to Our New Home-
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Behind The Scenes Team

We are all about teamwork here at Candle Scoop. It takes a lot of different hands (and noses) on deck to bring you as many reviews as possible.

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Chris McCutcheon

Director of Sales & Marketing

Mac is our token male around the Candlefind office. He establishes and manages our sales goals, and evaluates opportunities for growth. He's our go-to for our marketing goals and advertisement plans.

He is also wild about fresh, clean scents, such as Clean Cotton from Candle Escape.

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Susan Tucker

Chief Operating Officer

Susan is responsible for overseeing all our operations, including implementation of our numerous policies and procedures. She makes sure Candlefind remains financially viable for years to come!

Aside from that, she enjoys fragrance layering and bakery scents.

Candlescoop Team Member

Christine Lucido

Website Design

Christine has an eye for design and immense knowledge about website functionality. Her guidance has been invaluable in our growth.

Christine enjoys burning energizing citrus scents to keep her going during the workday. Also, she is wild about beautiful candles.

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