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We’ve gathered together some resources to help you enjoy the highest quality products available at the most economical price, and to do so efficiently. Here you’ll find tools to help you organize your stash and target your future purchases, saving you time and money. We add to this resource list monthly, so be sure to check back often!

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Trapp Fragrances Shopping Guide


This is our cheat sheet version of our full Trapp Fragrances Shopping Guide. This cheat sheet will give you the skinny on how to save when shopping Trapp!

Wax Inventory Tracker


Have you ever wanted an easy way to keep track of your stash? This Wax Inventory Tracker prints out on one sheet (landscape) and helps you manage your stash.

Tart Removal


Getting wax tarts out of your wax melter can sometimes be tough! Use this tip sheet to view the number of different ways you can get a wax melt out of your burner.

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